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Rhassoul shampoo: ideal for hair that quickly regreases

Rhassoul shampoo: ideal for hair that quickly regreases

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Discover our revolutionary shampoo, "Le Rhassoul", specially designed to meet the needs of oily hair, dandruff, fine hair without volume, while providing strengthening and shine.

Formulated with the same base as our "Le Basic" shampoo - a combination of olive, coconut, shea and castor oil - "Le Rhassoul" goes further with the addition of this exceptional natural clay, known for its absorbent and purifying properties, detoxifies the scalp and regulates sebum production.

Give your hair a revitalizing experience with "Le Rhassoul", a unique cold saponification shampoo that brings your hair back to life.

Olive oil is emollient, nourishing, regenerating, softening and soothing.

Shea butter soothes the skin thanks to its soothing, restorative and moisturizing properties. It acts deeply to replenish hydration to dry and dull hair.

A true concentrate of saturated fatty acids, coconut oil is particularly appreciated for its moisturizing, soothing and antioxidant properties. In soap making it is used for its abundant foam.

Castor oil reduces acne, deeply moisturizes, calms itching. In soap making it will give a wonderful result with a creamy texture and generous foam.

Rhassoul clay is ideal for hair that quickly regreases, thanks to its absorbent and purifying properties , it will cleanse and reduce excess sebum. Exfoliating , it will be ideal for eliminating dandruff and thus cleansing the scalp.

Use :

  • for the whole family
  • greasy hair
  • dandruff
  • lack of volume in fine hair


  • none

Directions : Wet hair, gently rub shampoo into hair, massage and wash as usual, rinse with clean water (no vinegar needed). Normally in two batches, the first to wash and the second to treat, but it's personal to each person.

Composition :

  • Olive oil*
  • Shea Butter*
  • Coconut oil*
  • Water
  • Natural glycerin from cold saponification
  • Castor oil"
  • Rhassoul


*From organic farming

Weight: 150g

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