Natalie Marchand

Mother of four children, I was lulled from my earliest childhood with grandfather's "Grandmother" remedies and by Auntie's natural store and its essential oils. I always knew that I would work in healthcare without realizing that life had another path in store for me. Also fascinated by mysticism, energies, esotericism, I have trained over the years:
  • Reiki Master teacher and initiator
  • Reflexology
  • Access Bars
  • Dowsing
  • Learning Oracles
  • Pendulum
  • Mastering the Power of Essential Oils
After more than 35 years of work in homes and hospitals, including more than 16 years in home care, I have developed various very useful skills. But I was missing a little something more in my life... Becoming independent and making my own soaps with the opportunity to open a soap factory to share my know-how.
To do this, I acted accordingly by starting a new certification as a soap maker. Chance led me to find a large new premises on 2 floors, not far from my home and here I am in my soap factory.
Welcome to QuinteSens, Your Savonnerie and Care Area of ​​Val-de-Ruz.