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Magnetic soap dish: for optimal drying

Magnetic soap dish: for optimal drying

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Practical and aesthetic, the magnetic soap holder is the essential accessory to enhance your solid soaps while extending their lifespan. Discover how this ingenious device, made up of magnets, suction cups and a stainless steel capsule, revolutionizes the drying of your soaps, solid shampoos, cleansing bars and solid make-up removers. Not only does it offer optimal drying, eliminating any stagnant humidity, but it attaches easily without requiring holes, thus following you everywhere in your daily life.

Optimal Drying and Maximized Lifespan: The secret of this soap dish lies in its ability to maximize the lifespan of your solid products. By avoiding stagnant humidity, it preserves the quality of your soaps, solid shampoos and other treatments, ensuring optimal use until the last use. Thanks to its magnetic and invisible design, it offers an elegant presentation of your products, adding an aesthetic touch to your bathroom space.

Hassle-Free Installation: This revolutionary magnetic soap dish is designed for hassle-free installation. Composed of a powerful magnet, a gripping suction cup and a stainless steel capsule, simply insert it on one side of your solid product. No need to make holes in your walls! It mounts easily in your bathroom, providing convenient access to your solid care while maintaining the integrity of your space.

A Mobile Companion: Its practical design doesn't stop at easy installation. This magnetic soap dish is your mobile companion, moving with you through your daily routine. Whether you are at home or on the move, it ensures optimal drying and elegant presentation of your solid products, adding a practical dimension to your care routine.

In conclusion, the magnetic soap dish is much more than just an accessory – it is the perfect companion to showcase your solid treatments. Its aesthetic design, ease of installation and efficiency in optimal drying make it a must-have in your bathroom. Say goodbye to stagnant humidity and extend the life of your soaps and solid treatments thanks to this magical accessory which combines practicality and aesthetics

Properties :

  • Allows you to hang your soap or solid product on a smooth and clean surface (window, wall, tiles, etc.) in a minimalist and aesthetic way.
  • Soap dish made up of a plastic suction cup, a magnet, and a stainless steel capsule to accompany you over time.
  • Compatible with solid soaps, solid shampoos, solid conditioners, solid makeup removers… up to 200gr.
  • Adapts to the different shapes of the products to be supported.
  • Easy to attach
  • Reusable, it will be your daily ally to maximize the life of your products by helping them dry correctly without residue or stagnant humidity.

Use :

1. Fix the suction cup on a clean, smooth and dry surface

2. Insert the capsule in the center of the soap or solid product after softening the soap under hot water and wait for it to harden again.

3. Magnetize the capsule to the suction cup

Use with solid products up to 200gr.


Quality :

This soap dish has undergone multiple tests to guarantee you the best quality. Thus, this model was selected on the basis of several criteria:

  • Quality and robustness of materials
  • Resistance of solids up to 200gr
  • Aesthetics and ease of use

Materials :

  • Silicone suction cup and magnet
  • Stainless steel capsule


  • 4cm*2.7cm

Color :

  • Gray metal and transparent frosted suction cup
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