Prepare your Neem powder macerate

Neem powder macerate is a preparation that results from the infusion or maceration of Neem leaf powder in a vegetable oil. Neem, also known as Azadirachta indica, is a tree native to India and other parts of South Asia. Its leaves are rich in compounds with beneficial properties for the skin.

Here are some characteristics and benefits associated with Neem powder macerate:

  • Antimicrobial Properties: Neem is known for its antimicrobial properties. Neem powder macerate can be used in skin care products due to its ability to help fight bacteria and fungi.
  • Natural Antioxidants: Neem is rich in antioxidants, making it an ideal ingredient to help protect the skin against free radicals responsible for premature aging.
  • Skin Care: Neem powder macerate is often incorporated into skin care formulations, such as creams, lotions or soaps. It can help soothe skin irritations, promote healing and maintain healthy skin.
  • Soothing Properties: Due to its soothing properties, Neem can be beneficial for skin prone to discomfort, redness or itching.
  • Use in Hair Care: Neem powder macerate is also used in hair products. It is known to help strengthen hair, promote a healthy scalp and fight dandruff.

When used in cosmetic formulations, Neem powder macerate can offer a natural and effective alternative for caring for skin and hair. As always, it is recommended to do a skin test first to ensure the product is compatible with your skin.


  • Weigh 480g of olive oil (or an oil of your choice)
  • Add 20g of Neem powder
  • Mix well
  • Heat over low heat for 20 minutes, stirring constantly
  • Cover the container and leave to macerate for 24 hours
  • Filter to avoid powdery residues in the oil

Hot macerate makes it possible to efficiently and quickly extract the lipid-soluble active ingredients from Neem powder.

The color is just magnificent, a bright green, proof of its richness in active compounds in Neem powder. Unfortunately in soap, the color changes to a brownish green.

The macerate thus obtained can be used 100% in a soap unlike Neem oil which is preferable to use sparingly because of its odor which is reminiscent of onions and which can put off some people and because it can also irritate in high doses. That said, you can definitely use it but not more than 10% in a soap.