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ORGANIC Calendula Macerate

ORGANIC Calendula Macerate

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Calendula macerate protects and regenerates irritated skin , it soothes reactive skin. In short, it is the macerate of the skins sensitive , atopic And delicate .





Calendula Macerate is mainly used for sensitive and reactive skin . This is why it is often used in baby care. It soothes redness and inflammation of the skin.

Its nourishing and protective properties are remarkable, it provides great protection against external elements, so it is very interesting in creams and balms for extreme cold.

Its virtues are also very appreciated for soothing atopic skin.

It also has interesting anti-inflammatory properties to calm razor burn or soothe sunburn (in synergy with Aloe vera Gel, for example).

What is a macerate?

Maceration consists of placing a plant in a liquid substance (glycerin, oil, alcohol) in order to extract its properties. When a macerate has been made in a vegetable oil, it is an oily macerate, it functions like an oil, it simply has the properties of the macerated plant as well!

Quality guarantees for Calendula Macerate

  • Botanical name: Calendula officinalis (fam. Asteraceae)
  • Extracted part: Dried flowers
  • Production: Maceration in first cold pressed Olive Oil
  • Origin: France
  • Brand/Manufacturer: Switzerland
  • Culture: Organic
  • Organoleptic characteristics: Oily liquid, slightly orange, neutral odor
  • Major fatty acids: Oleic (56-85%), palmitic (7.5-20%), linoleic (3.5-20%)
  • Density: 0.900 - 0.930 (20°C)
  • Other names: Souci (French name)

Naturals&Co quality

Our products are 100% natural and selected with the greatest attention while respecting the plant and the producer. Packaging is done by us in Tavannes, in the heart of Grand Chasseral (Bernese Jura).

Benefits & properties of Calendula Macerate

In home cosmetics, we use this oily macerate for the following benefits and properties:
  • Soothing, it is indicated to take care of sensitive and reactive skin
  • It effectively regenerates irritated skin
  • Extremely protective, this macerate should not be forgotten in cold creams aimed at protecting the skin from the cold.
  • Calming, we appreciate it in formulas for atopic skin
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties are useful for soothing the skin after shaving or soothing a sunburn.
  • It is an oil that we readily use in baby care.
  • Its nourishing properties are appreciated by dry skin

Skin properties of Calendula Macerate

  • Anti-aging
  • Purifying
  • Soothing
  • Unifying
  • Regenerating
  • Protective
  • Regulators

Skin types and conditions

  • Dry skins
  • Normal skins
  • Sensitive skins

Skin conditions

  • Cracks, cracks, irritations
  • Problem skin (atopic)
  • Redness
  • Winter disorders (protection)

Uses of Calendula Macerate

Here are some examples of uses of this macerate in cosmetics:

  • Emulsions
  • Body oils
  • Oily serum
  • Lip Balms & Sticks
  • hair care
  • SAF soap
  • M&P soap

Our Calendula Macerate in cold saponification

Saponification index (NaOH): 0.135

  • 0 % Foaming power
  • 0 % Cleaning power
  • 82 % Smoothness
  • 7 % Hardness
  • 17 % Longevity
  • 7 % Stability

Note : to calculate the saponification indices of the macerates, we refer to its base oil (here Olive oil).

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