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Harmony kit

Harmony kit

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The Harmony collection consists of three exclusive oils: Green Mandarin, Pink Pepper and Star Anise.

The kit is designed to help anyone experiment with creating their own blends. Each of these aromas blend perfectly together or separately. An exclusive recipe booklet comes in each kit that includes 30 hand-picked recipes and instructions on using the oils for diffusion, fragrance, or both. There are also two 10 ml roll-ons and 10 graduated pipettes for more precise measurement.

Green tangerine

You may already know Red Mandarin Oil from other limited time offers; Green tangerine comes from the same mandarin tree, but comes from the unripe fruit instead of the ripe fruit. Its aroma is slightly sweet and floral with a citrus flavor. Like other citrus oils, it is uplifting when worn on the skin or diffused. You can also use green mandarin internally to soothe the nervous system, support healthy immune system function and response, and support the digestive system.*

Pink pepper

Mollé, otherwise known as pink pepper, was a sacred tree in ancient Inca culture. They used all parts of the tree, including the fruits, for many health purposes. The aroma of pink pepper is an invigorating and energizing scent, and pairs perfectly with citrus and floral oils. When you feel sleepy or need to concentrate, diffuse or inhale pink pepper to promote alertness.

Like green mandarin, pink pepper can also be taken internally to relax the nervous system and promote healthy digestive, respiratory and immune systems. A perfect oil to support healthy digestion in its own right.

Star anise

Star anise is bursting with a fresh licorice scent. Taking it internally helps soothe mood and supports a healthy cardiovascular system. Star Anise pairs extremely well with floral and woody oils for an emotionally balancing experience.

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