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Charcoal and TeaTree: a dynamic soap for radiant skin

Charcoal and TeaTree: a dynamic soap for radiant skin

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Dynamic Duo: Discover Our Charcoal & TeaTree Soap for Glowing Skin

Immerse yourself in the perfect union of the purifying power of TeaTree and the detoxifying charm of charcoal with our Charcoal & TeaTree soap. This harmonious marriage delivers a skincare experience that goes beyond simple cleanliness, to reveal glowing, revitalized skin.

The Purifying Energy of TeaTree: Tea tree essential oil provides exceptional antibacterial properties, deeply cleansing the skin while preserving its natural balance. Goodbye impurities, hello to healthy-looking skin.

The Detoxifying Magic of Activated Charcoal: Activated charcoal combines with tea tree to provide a deep detoxifying action. It draws out toxins, absorbing excess oil for fresher-looking skin.

A Balanced Cocktail for All Skin Types: Whether your skin needs an antibacterial boost or gentle detoxification, our Charcoal & TeaTree soap balances the needs of all skin types. It leaves your complexion radiant and refreshed, ready to face everyday challenges.

Refreshing Feeling, Visible Results: The fusion of charcoal and TeaTree creates an instant feeling of freshness, while it doesn't take long for visible results to appear. Enjoy clear, revitalized, glowing skin with every use.

Adopt the Unique Synergy of Activated Carbon and Tea Tree and with our Charcoal & TeaTree Soap. A Daily Ritual for Glowing and Dynamic Skin.

Olive oil is emollient, nourishing, regenerating, softening and soothing.

A true concentrate of saturated fatty acids, coconut oil is particularly appreciated for its moisturizing, soothing and antioxidant properties. In soap making it is used for its abundant foam.

Shea butter relieves the skin thanks to its soothing, repairing and hydrating properties. It acts deeply to replenish hydration to dry and dull hair.

Castor oil reduces acne, deeply hydrates, calms itching. In soap making it will give a wonderful result with a creamy texture and generous foam.

Ultra vitaminized and rich in omega 6, sunflower oil is obtained from sunflower seeds, also called sun flower. In soap making, it will be used for its very rich in vitamin E, moisturizing and softening properties.

Very rich in mineral salts (iron, zinc and magnesium), white clay has absorbent, antiseptic, healing, anti-inflammatory, softening and nourishing qualities.

Use :

  • acne-prone skin
  • body / hands / face / hair
  • 8% superfat


  • Allergens naturally contained in essential oils
  • Do not use in pregnant and/or breastfeeding women as well as in children under 6 years old.

Composition :

  • Olive oil*
  • Coconut oil*
  • Shea Butter*
  • Castor oil*
  • Water
  • Natural glycerin from saponification
  • Sunflower oil*
    • HE TeaTree*
  • Coal
  • White clay


    *From organic farming

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