La Caroube : Un Trésor Méditerranéen aux Multiples Facettes"

Carob: A Mediterranean Treasure with Many Facets"

The carob tree, a majestic tree of the legume family, stands with unchanging elegance, able to defy time for nearly 500 years. It is much more than a simple plant, it is a Mediterranean treasure which reveals its mysteries through its green leaves, its reddish flowers and its clusters of pods, hosting jewels in the shape of carob seeds.

At the heart of these pods, a yellow pulp, with a delicious chocolate taste, reveals itself as a substitute for cocoa, offering an exquisite taste experience with a moderate calorie intake. Composed of sugars, starch, proteins and enriched with tannins and mineral salts, carob pulp is not only delicious but also nutritious. Its thickening properties, attributed to galactomannan, a sugar with multiple virtues, add a functional dimension to its gourmet charm.

Beyond its culinary attractions, carob has a rich history. Originally from Syria, it has survived the centuries, becoming an essential element for the Egyptians who used it in the mummification process. The Moroccan Berbers, for their part, appreciated carob for its medicinal virtues, using it for its fiber to fight against intestinal ailments.

So, let's dive into the fascinating world of carob, where its thousand-year-old history mixes with its gourmet and beneficial uses, revealing a multifaceted Mediterranean treasure.

After careful harvesting of the carobs, carried out by hand according to ancestral traditions, these precious fruits follow a meticulous path towards their transformation. The first step, separating the pulp from the seeds by mechanical grinding, marks the start of a careful artisanal process.

The pulp thus obtained continues its journey into the world of processing, passing through the stages of grinding and micronization. This delicate process transforms the pulp into a fine powder. Once the ideal particle size is obtained, the carob powder can be roasted, thus imparting specific flavors to each batch.

Finally, in the skillful hands of the food engineers at Carob World, this carob powder mixes with other quality ingredients to give rise to exceptional finished products such as tablets and spreads.

This carob powder, resulting from a meticulous process, is the jewel of my artisanal creations. Carefully incorporated into my cold saponification carob shampoo, it reveals its invaluable benefits for the hair. Carob, rich in fiber, nutrients and thickening properties, offers a unique hair experience. It helps to strengthen the hair, nourish it deeply and give it a silky texture. Immerse yourself in the natural elegance of carob, enhanced in my solid shampoo, and give your hair the love it deserves.

Yours sincerely

Natalie Marchand

QuinteSens soap factory

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