Le Saindoux dans la Savonnerie : Une Tradition Ancienne pour une Peau Douce

Lard in the Soap Factory: An Ancient Tradition for Soft Skin

Everything is good in pork and the use of pork fat ( lard ) provides real protection and soothing to sensitive skin.

The world of soap making is full of secrets and traditions, and the use of lard in soap making is an old but valuable practice. Often overlooked, lard brings exceptional softness to soaps while providing benefits for skin health. In this article, let's delve into the ancient history of lard, discover its unique properties, and understand why it has become a favored ingredient for creating soaps of exceptional quality.

Lard: A Treasure of Sweetness: Lard, made from the fine fat of the pig's belly, is much more than a simple culinary ingredient. Its very name, derived from its sweetness, suggests its soothing properties. Although its use in soaps may seem anachronistic, lard has a long history as a cosmetic and therapeutic ingredient, dating back to ancient times.

Nutritional and Cosmetic Properties: Extensive analyzes have revealed that lard is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, such as omega-3, making it a product of great nutritional value for the body, whether through external application or internal consumption. This observation reinforces the judicious choice of favoring lard over modern exotic oils, often shrouded in mystery as to their real origin and their method of production.

Cold Saponification: A Skin-Friendly Method: The cold saponification method, used in the manufacture of soaps, retains all the glycerin in the soap, thus providing optimal hydration to the skin. By opting for lard, our soap maker preserves this unique quality, offering its customers an exceptional skin care experience.

An Incomparable Foam: When you rub one of these lard soaps on a bath flower, an incomparable white, thick, dense and soft foam is formed. Lard gives the soap a milky side, a satin touch and a fine foam, making it an invaluable ingredient in soap making.

Benefits for Skin and Hair: The soothing properties of lard make it an ideal choice for sensitive skin. It can be used for both hair and skin, providing deep hydration. In addition to soothing inflammation, lard helps fight against skin aging, thus perpetuating its use throughout the ages.

Conclusion: Lard is not simply pork fat, but rather an ancient treasure, offering softness and skin benefits. Its use in soapmaking, although perhaps unexpected, reveals a precious tradition that persists through the ages. So the next time you use lard soap, remember that you're treating yourself to more than just a skincare product – you're exploring an ancient tradition for soft, revived skin.

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Natalie Marchand

QuinteSens soap factory

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